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SSWI Help Section

Installing your Nerf Blazing Bow Adapter is very easy!

This device is created to prevent any type of hard modifications, no need to take the blaster apart.  It will have a very snug fitting to allow that nice bang on the Darts inserted once installed.  The tight fit also prevents the adapter from falling off during usage and possibly breaking.

HEre we will cover both methods for installing. The first is slightly more difficult.

1st method is the obvious, simply add the adapter and twist your hand back and forth while pulling the barrel down to the nerf bow. This is a bit tough, but will work.

If this method is too tough, the easy route will be to use a heat gun or hair dryer. Simply heat the outer adapter and the inner adapter slightly to soften the part. Please be careful not to heat too much or the device WILL loose its shape and render useless. Heat only enough to slightly soften and slide it on to the nerf bow. IT should slide on like butter and re-shape exactly to your barrel.  



Quick Simple and Easy. Please let me know if you have issues. 

Having trouble installing your rail connectors?  We got you covered!

The SSWI Rail connectors have a very tight fitting.  This is to prevent the blaster from flying off and knocking a kid out and you having to explain to a parent its not your fault!

First line the Rail connector up with your first blaster (SIDE NOTE – THIS IS THE PROCESS FOR ALL SSWI RAIL CONNECTORS).

Once lined up, gently tap with a mallet as show below.

Next install your next blaster and repeat the process.

Find a good spot on the blaster to tap without destroying or dinging it.  You can also protect it with a cloth or other option.

Now hit the Battlefield my friend!  oh, to remove, do the opposite 🙂

If you are having issues with your SSWI 3D Printed SledgeFire Shells, you came to the right place.

On some occasions we will here of customers who cannot close the blaster once the shell is inserted.  Please remember the design of the shell is actually a few mm larger than the original shells.  This allows that extra performance boost once loaded and ready for use.

You will need to do a hard close to utilize properly.  This will not damage the shells or the blaster.  Please follow the below video demonstration once shell is inserted and locked in to place.

If you are having issues with the darts misfiring or not firing at all – make sure you are using clean / non-damaged darts.

Also if you have the SSWI 3 Shot Shell, you will need a Dart in each shell slot for proper use.  Inserting less than the required 3 will cause misfire issues.


Before Removing the four top screws on the back of the Blaster as shown below.  FIRST PRIME THE BLASTER.  Cock it back, but do not fire it!

<img decoding=

Before Removing the four top screws on the back of the Blaster as shown below.  FIRST PRIME THE BLASTER.  Cock it back, but do not fire it! 

  Once Primed, Unscrew all four screw on the Prime panel and remove the top plate as shown below.  Remove everything in this section.  Everything Circled below (You won’t need it).  Set these parts aside and prepare to insert the SSWI T-Pull  Insert EXACTLY as shown below  Press the Priming plate back in place and prepare to screw back in all four screws.  Add some rival ammo, push the priming bar back in and go to war!  Done!