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Setting Up My New Retro Pie

Simply unbox your product, plug in your USB Gaming controllers, HDMI and lastly power cord and you are ready to GET YOUR GAME ON!  That Simple!  If the device does not power on instantly after inserting power cord, be sure to hit the little button on the USB Power cord to turn on!  System takes about 20 seconds to fully load.  Let it go through its cycling process.

System takes about 20 seconds to fully load. Let it go through its cycling process.

When the Main screen loads with Consoles and games it’s time to Pay!!  Scroll left or right to go through the available consoles.  Press A and select a game!

If you are in the main menu, hit the start button, scroll down to Quit and hit A. Give is a few seconds and the system will shut down. To power back on simply hit the Button on the power cord twice.

**WARNING** (((be sure to not just unplug the device while it’s on as a short cut to powering off. This could lead to possible file corruption of back ground running files. It’s ok if you have no other options of course, but try to limit this option if at all possible.)))

Simply hit the SELECT and START Buttons at the same time.  This will back you out of any game currently selected.

When you are in the console of your choice and scrolled to your favorite game – hit the ‘Y’ Button to add this game to your Favorite menu.  If you want to delete a game from your favorites menu, simply hit the ‘Y’ button again while on the selected game to remove.

To access you Favorites menu, go to the main menu and scroll until you see Favorites.  Select this option and your games will be loaded here that you selected.

We got you covered; we programmed a few options into the console to help you find that Retro game you want much faster.  While scroll through the games, simple hold DOWN or UP on your control pad for 6 Seconds and it will start scrolling through an alphabetized list versus each individual game.

Want even Faster?  Simply hit the SELECT Button on the controller while in the massive game list.  This will bring up a menu option, select the option ‘JUMP TO LETTER’, use the RIGHT and LEFT on the direction pad to select the first letter of your desired game and press A, this will take you to the first game beginning with that letter which sound expedite your search.

When you are at the point in the game you want to Save, simply hit the SELECT and RIGHT BUMPER at the same time.    You will see a very quick flash at the bottom left hand of the screen stating the game has been saved to a specific slot number.

First Load and start the game you wish to continue a saved game from.  Once the game starts, hit SELECT and X at the same time.   Press A on the ‘QUICK MENU’ option.  Scroll down to ‘LOAD STATE’ and Press A to continue from where you left off.

On the main menu page, keep scrolling past your gaming consoles to the RetroPie option.  Hit A on your controller to display the RetroPie Menu.  Scroll down to Wi-Fi at the bottom and hit A on your controller.  Scroll to the ‘Connect to WIFI Network’ Option and enter your Wi-Fi settings.  (A USB Keyboard will come in handy here to input information quickly and correctly).  Once completed hit OK and Exit.

On the main menu page, keep scrolling past your gaming consoles to the PORTS option.  Hit A on your controller to display the Kodi option.  Hit A again to enter Kodi.  You can insert any USB Keyboard into your SoSickWithIt Emulation Station for Ease of Kodi use and log into your account

Controller Configuration

On first boot this menu in EmulationStation will configure your controls for both Emulationstation and RetroArch Emulators:  If the system does not detect your new USB Controller, simply hit the START button and select CONFIGURE INPUT.  You should now see a screen similar to the one below.  SIMPLY HOLD A on the New controller to start configuring.

Follow the onscreen instructions to configure your gamepad- if you run out of buttons just hold down a button to skip each unused button. When you get to OK press the button you have configured as “A”.

See the following diagrams for reference:

SNES Controller

XBox 360 Controller

PS3 Controller

N64 Controller


Hotkeys enable you to press a combination of buttons to access functions such as saving, loading, and exiting emulators. The following chart shows the default hotkey combinations. By default, the hotkey is select so that means you hold down select while pressing another button to execute a command. Note that hotkeys are only specific to the retroarch/libretro based emulators.

Hotkeys Action
Select+Start Exit
Select+Right Shoulder Save
Select+Left Shoulder Load
Select+Right Input State Slot Increase
Select+Left Input State Slot Decrease
Select+X RGUI Menu
Select+B Reset

Click the video below to learn how to add ROM!


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